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Персональный тренер


Personal Trainer - is a simple application for your smartphone that allows you to effectively train in the gym and at home.Main advantages:• Personal Trainer takes into account your body type;• Depending on the body mass index (BMI) Personal trainer offers you a goal that you can achieve through the training process;• When creating a training plan, Personal Trainer takes into account place and availsble equipment.The application is designed primarily for beginners. A large amount of information on the Internet about how to train, how and where to get a better results, "experts" among friends, and often simply uncomfortable feeling of a "black sheep" in the gym, hinder to take an important and necessary step on the way to your own health, excellent shape and well-being, and beautiful body. "Personal Trainer" offers you a training plan based on the basic parameters and the desired goal, provides exercises for any muscle group and explains the techniques of their performance. The application is simple and contains only the most necessary inforamtion."Personal Trainer" includes all the necessary functionality:• More than 190 exercises with descriptions and animations.• Automatic creation of training plans for the gym or home workouts/• Ability to record the results indicating the weight and number of repetitions.• The ability to adjust the exercise plan, replace the exercises in the training, make your own training plan.To get more information, operating instructions and support visit or email